Ton futur, l'aventure
Ta lumière guider ton destin
Hello! I'm Yugo and I'm on a journey to find my family. I'm not going alone though! I'm traveling with my friends, Ruel, Amalia, Evangelyne and Pinpin! Oh, and of course, my brother Adamai. He's my dragon brother, and we were born from the same Dofus! I guess I forgot to mention, I'm an Eliatrope. Would you like to join me in my quest for my people?

Bonjour! Je suis Yugo et je suis en voyage pour retrouver ma famille. Je ne vais pas bien long! Je voyage avec mes amis, Ruel, Amalia, Evangelyne et Pinpin! Oh, et ​​bien sûr, mon frère Adamaï. C'est mon frère dragon, et nous sommes nés des mêmes Dofus! Je suppose que j'ai oublié de mentionner, je suis un Eliatrope. Voulez-vous vous joindre à moi dans ma quête pour mon peuple?

((This is blog for role-play. I own nothing, but I do make some of the gifs I use. If you'd like credit, let me know. Also, pardon my French, I'm still learning.))

M!A: None

(( *sobs* I have to stay off the tag for a bit because I don’t want OVA spoilers…D:> I need the OVAs in my life. Ankama, you promised the backers a special preview but released the dvds already whhhhhyyyy. I’m movin’ to France! ))

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I only understood every 5th word or so, but this is still pretty rad. It’s cool hearing how much the actors sound like their characters in real life -  particularly Eva and Amalia. 

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eliathings brotherhood of tofu //I am so in love with Fanny //I want to marry her //her voice makes me so very happy

((Yugo mun would like to apologize for the absence! I’ve been looking for a new job which has left my days filled with interviews, my nights filled with my current job and the weekends full of…weddings apparently. Everyone I know is getting married Xx; But I’m still here and I’ll be more diligent in getting back to people. The ask box is still empty, so be sure to send Yugo your thoughts, concerns or questions :3 ))

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If you’re going into the Wakfu tag, be vary wary of some spoilers for the OVAs, I’m sure spoiler tags are in use, but if you don’t want to risk it and wish to remain mostly fresh on the special episodes, browse with caution!

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Wakfu Special Episodes - trailer 2

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(( I added a bit “About the Mun” at the bottom of the info section for those who are curious. Also cleaned out the ask box so it is empty and ready for asks! Basically, if you sent me something and I haven’t responded, I never received it.

AND HOLY CRAP we’ve reached 100 followers! Thank you all so much! I’ll try and draw something pretty when I have the time. I am also open to suggestions for such a thing! You guys rock :) Thanks for being so kind to Yugo and I.

I’ll be around for a bit tomorrow before and after work. :3 Hope to hear from you all soon!))

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help me find the wakfu fandom

Take my hand and I will lead you there.

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tekkire //:D //welcome to the fandom! mun makin dem gifs

Now I’ll return to do my stuff.


Now I’ll return to do my stuff.

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To be finished tomorrow, maybe, perhaps, who really knows to be honest?.


To be finished tomorrow, maybe, perhaps, who really knows to be honest?.

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eliathings Adamaï! mon frere
☾:Favorite moment from your Muse's canon, and why. (GUESS WHO'S BACK)
ASKED BY noximilienthewatchmaker

☾:Favorite moment from your Muse’s canon, and why.

(( OF COURSE YOU PICK THE HARD ONE. XD Good grief, where do I start? Favorite moment…favorite moment…Um…I think my absolute favorite moment of Yugo is —SPOILERS UNDER CUT

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ask //Happy Munday! noximilienthewatchmaker Wakfu spoilers //BACK AGAIN //NOX IS BACK //TELL A FRIEND //XD